your energy consumption with

Standby power impacts us more than we imagine

1 %
Electricity consumption

from the standby power of electrical devices

1,4 0 M
tons of CO2

emitted each year due to the standby power

1 M
trees needed

for absorbing the Co2 emitted by standby power

But it's not easy to save energy

"I often turn off power strip when I leave my home."

survey about power strip

Consumer research by Riot Innovations (July  2019)

With eese,
you can optimize
your electricity consumption
without any effort

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Ecosystem

eese consists of eese Strip and eese App. 
eese Strip is a smart power strip that automatically detects when a connected device goes on standby mode and can cut the electricity to that device. With eese App and Deshboard, you can manage and control all connected devices individually and remotely. eese also gives a detailed overview of the electricity consumption, giving you a more comprehensive energy consumption feedback.

How does eese work?

Step 1

· Receive eese Strips
· Set up and connect to wifi
· Easy installation
·  Use all devices as usual

Step 2

· Connect to eese App & Dashboard
· eese Strip recognizes devices on standby automatically
· Control all devices individually
· Make schedule of each device

Step 3

Step 3_Step3

· See data & consumption
· Start saving money & CO2 from day 1

eese Dashboard & App

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