The best (looking) way to save electricity


Standby power is making your bill heavy

Did you know that standby power often makes up to 15% of an entire electrical devices’ electricity consumption?  Our research also has shown that more than half of the people never or rarely shut off power strips when leaving the office or home. Especially for businesses, standby power puts heavy burden on the bill since people care less about energy consumption in offices in comparison to at home (41% vs. respectively 12% of respondents)  and investing in an energy efficiency tool or solution often requires renovation, difficult installation and involves high costs.


CO2 emitted by standby power

Standby electricity in Finnish offices alone is responsible for over 26,000 tons of CO2 every year, equaling to over 900,000 trees. Guess how much CO2 is emitted by standby electricity and how many trees are needed to obsorb the CO2 around the world?

Optimize your electricity consumption by just replacing your current power strip with eese. Eese is an ecosystem, consisting of eese strip and accompanying app and/or dashboard. It automatically notices when a plugged-in device goes to standby mode or is being switched off and can cut the electricity to that particular device.

The consumption of electric devices can be more reduced up to 40% by combining automatic standby shut-off with encouraged energy-efficient behavior. This means that businesses, in particular, can save money and carbon footprints without investing into difficult energy management solutions or the renovation of building.


eese Strip

Enjoy eese strip, a carefully designed smart power strip, as a regular power strip with a wide variety of common electric devices in your office and home. Eese strip takes care of your electricity consumption by automatically recognizing and cutting the standby energy. On top of this, you can control 4 outlets remotely and individually, giving you more possibilities to save energy. Various setting options including timer and schedule make your life easier. Eese strip also protects your office and home by detecting malfunctioning and/or overheating devices.


eese App

Monitor and control eese strip with eese app. You can see detailed electricity consumption overview and history per strip, per device or per user in real time.  Learn and see how the consumption can further be decreased with various tips on app. Enjoy a variety of functions including timers, scheduling on/off and disabling the automatic-turn-off by controlling all connected devices remotely.


eese Dashboard

If you’re an employer or office/property manager, you can see more in-depth and real-time consumption overview per department/desk/office and changes in consumption over time. By checking the real-time consumption of different devices, you can learn which devices are actually the most energy-efficient, allowing better property management. By detecting malfunctioning devices through dashboard and taking earlier action, you can increase the safety of your office. Moreover, you can cut down on your electricity costs by specifically rewarding your most energy-friendly employees.



More sustainable. Less effort.

1. Automatic turning off standby electricity

2. Smart access and control

3. Easy and economical installation

4. Real-time consumption overview

5. More safety

6. Easy scaling

7. Prolonged device lifecycle

8. Unique and customer-friendly design

9. Rewards for energy-efficient behavior change

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